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State Statutes Regarding Collection Practices for Commercial / Business Debt.

The Federal Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) governs the debt collection practices for personal / individual debt. The FDCPA sets forth a myriad of restrictions regarding the practices Debt Collections may use in their efforts.

There are no Federal Laws governing Commercial-Debt collections. Most States, however, have enacted Statutes which govern Commercial / Business Debt collections.

We have provided the most current Commercial Collection Statutes by State. These represent State-specific statutes enacted which apply only to that State. It must be noted that the State statutes for the State where the collector is located do not apply if the debtor is in another State. In that case, the Statutes for the State where the debtor is located apply.

NOTE: This is not legal advice. The information shown represents the Statutes in place at the time we published — there may be changes or additional Statutes enacted since. To ensure the most accurate information, we advise checking with an Attorney or the State where the debtor is located.

Click on the State below for Commercial-Debt Collection Statutes for that State:


Alabama Indiana Nevada South Carolina
Alaska Iowa New Hampshire South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Jersey Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Mexico Texas
California Louisiana New York – State Utah
Colorado Maine NY – Buffalo Vermont
Connecticut Maryland NY – NYC Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts North Carolina Washington
D.C. Michigan North Dakota West Virginia
Florida Minnesota Ohio Wisconsin
Georgia Mississippi Oklahoma Wyoming
Hawaii Missouri Oregon
Illinois Montana Pennsylvania
Idaho Nebraska Rhode Island

Source: Collection Laws by State, FDCPA

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